We’re Fighting Against Your Occupation…..But Please Don’t Leave

There is never any end to ridiculousness in the Middle East, each episode tops the next for the irrationality of what these people say and do. And to be clear, this takes place on all sides.

This week’s episode of “I can top the stupid shit you said last week” comes from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas who tells Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, “This policy (a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank, a la Gaza) will lead to the conflict’s continuation and not to a solution, burying the two-state solution….the Palestinian Authority is committed to a final agreement in which a Palestinian state will be formed with Jerusalem as its capital….without Jerusalem, we won’t agree to anything.”

To give a little background for context, Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak recently made comments to the effect of, we’re considering unilaterally pulling out of the West Bank, wholesale, and you can have whatever we choose to give you, unless you’re willing to act like adults and negotiate the deal that everyone knows is what you’re going to get, whether you like it or not (his emphasis not mine).

Let’s back up one more step. The constant rallying cry of the Palestinians is often that they are “occupied” by Israel, literally, with Israeli soldiers moving in and out of their towns and cities, with a constant presence, feeling as if they are, well, being occupied. And rightfully so, they are, however you want to look at it. No one besides the most idiotic hard line zionists refute the fact that Israeli needs to get the hell out of there eventually, if only to preserve the demographic balance of Jews in the state of Israel, not to mention a myriad of other reasons.

But the idiocy on the part of Abbas just reaches new heights here as Barak pretty much says, fine, you want us out, we’re gone, and Abbas complains that the guy holding most of the cards is playing his hand correctly. What exactly does Abbas say to the West Bank moderates now who aren’t in this to destroy Israel or recapture land they all know they are never getting back? How do you tell these people that we’re going to continue to fight tooth and nail for something we know we’re never getting once we’ve gotten 90% of what we wanted? Really dude?

There is a saying, “the Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” Unfortunately for everyone, including themselves, that saying is pretty accurate.

Unilaterally pulling out of the West Bank would be a very smart move by Barak, putting all the pressure on Abbas to explain to his people why they haven’t made a final peace deal for a two state solution. His only excuse to them would be that they didn’t get 100% of what they wanted, and then again, that’s always a moving target anyway because there’s never any consensus amongst that fractured group of people who all want different things for different reasons. He’s in a tough spot and he knows it, I really do feel bad for him. Truth be told, if he were to make a reasonable deal, he probably gets offed, just like Sadat. If he doesn’t make a reasonable deal, the terms of how shit is going to be in that part of the world are going to be dictated by Barak and the Israelis. It’s just a matter of leverage and power, and Abbas has next to none on the ground. He can scream and whine to the UN all he wants but it’s abundantly obvious by now that it’s going nowhere.

Leaders need to make rational decisions, but in the Middle East where rational gets you assassinated, saying stupid shit is par for the course.

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