Weekend Reading 8/21/09

While everyone buys $UNG hoping for a hurricane to wreak havoc on the Gulf coast I’m stoked to have Bill sitting comfortably offshore in the Atlantic throwing long 17 second 10 foot swells towards the island.

Stocks are breaking out all over the place like there is no tomorrow, breadth is very strong.  Crude continues to tease us at the breakout level, if crude goes and the dollar fails things could get crazy to the upside and I will be on board.  Something in the back of my mind is giving me the sneaking suspicion,  if that scenario plays out you could get a break in the negative dollar equity correlation.  It’s called demand destruction people, and there isn’t any demand to begin with.

The consumer has no money and no job, but who really cares.

A college degree has been an over valued asset for a long time, and it’s getting worse.

At the end of the day, the market is one big psychological game.

Not everyone should own a house, are you one of those people?

Cloud computing is going to revolutionize the way we use computers, $AAPL is on board.

The S.E.C needs a scapegoat for being completely incompetent, who do you think they’ll pick.

Warren Buffett jumped the shark a long time ago, but he’s got a good point.

Print publications are throwing everything they have against the wall in hopes that something sticks, this isn’t it.

Next up, cash for washing machines and dishwashers, did Geithner buy any $WHR recently?

Don’t laugh so hard, you may be the first to have your brains eaten.

For all of you bible hugging creationists.

I’m off to the beach, have a great weekend and try not to inhale too much NYC air.

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