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Get ready for another round of the oil shock game, it’s coming and there is nothing you can do to stop it.  We will play this game a few more times over the next 20 years or until our politicians realize that they need to allocate capital to solving the energy issue.  Every time we get hit with another shock it will destroy more and more of America.  Each time crude will run up, demand destruction will take place, and the economy will become weaker and weaker.

China knows this, and the unelected technocrats who run that government are doing something about it.  True, they have a far smaller infrastructure to change, they really don’t have one in the first place, but they have a far lager build out ahead of them given the size of their population.  I value our democracy the same as the next guy in America, I don’t have to hide in fear of being a Jew as some people do of other religions in China.  I can protest outside my capital saying whatever the fuck I want (for the most part) without being taken to some secret prison.  But ask me what I think about the politicians who run this country and you probably already know my answer.  Maybe the American experiment in democracy is failing, maybe we are just too big and too dumb to support allowing people to chose their representatives.  Maybe we are too divided a nation to have one energy policy.  The Chinese policy makers can make a decision in one day and begin implementing it imediately.  Today’s world requires speed and action, evolve or die, we are being chained to the past by our inability to act.

I’m long crude oil and other such energy names.  I look at market structure and technicals and then chose the strongest and weakest stocks to get long or short respectively.  Right now the market says you need to own energy and materials, it’s that simple.

Here is your weekend reading:

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Mexico is paying the price for not being open in its development of crude reserves.

What is the real consumer impact on our economy?

Not only should we not get rid of nuclear weapons, but giving one to an unstable country often makes it safer to deal with them.

Just another step along China’s path to economic and political liberalization, it’s happening right before our eyes people.

My father, who is a real estate attorney in NYC, told me this week that all of the sudden he is slammed with deals after nothing for the past year, interesting.

Good luck finding a job right now.

What happens when California reaches 15% unemployment and crude trades at 100$.

The is ZERO value in cable news, Thomas Barnett is one of my favorite writers by the way.

I will volunteer to colonize the moon, but I don’t ever want to pay taxes up there.

Who gets how much oil from Iran.

There is no such thing as a safe haven for terrorist organizations anymore.

If you have the time and desire, please read this report on China, it’s long, but well worth it.

For all the ruckus in 08′, investing in hedge funds will always be better than leaving it to the market.

Smart kids will always want to go into investment banking, dumb rich kids as well.

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