The New Estimize Dashboard

At Estimize we’re constantly learning about what our community does, doesn’t do, and wants to do by meticulously analyzing our metrics. While we have a roadmap of new features to build and assumptions to test that is a mile and a half long, we’re constantly iterating on the platform.

Since we launched the public beta back in December we’ve seen in the metrics and received feedback regarding one glaringly obvious hole, we don’t guide community members in knowing what to estimate on next. This update to the platform, and several more to come real soon will go towards filling that hole. While many community members have a specific area of coverage that they focus on, be it tech, retail, or industrials, making it dead simple to know what earnings reports are coming up next and what estimates they should be making was a no brainer for us.

Your recommended coverage list on the dashboard is comprised of future earnings releases for stocks you’ve made estimates on in the past, stocks in the same industries as those you focus on most, challenge stocks, and stocks you follow.

Next to the recommended coverage list you’ll find your pending estimates, comprised of estimates you’ve made already that are releasing soon.

The profile information at the top of the dashboard is a high level look at your ranking. Today we’re releasing for the first time global rankings which you can read more about here. Quickly following this release will be global, sector, industry, and asset specific leaderboards so that you can see how you stack up against the community.

We’ve also updated the calendar to be far more user friendly and include a host of new information. You can now look back in time and see which stocks you’ve already made estimates on.

After a lot of hard work over the past few months we’re excited to be releasing a host of new features soon as well including in depth profiles, leaderboards, and new sector, industry, and asset pages.

Head over to Estimize to check out your New Dashboard.

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