The Evolution of This Blog

This blog has taken on many forms over the past three years, primarily following the arc of my career. I’ve done weekly linkfests, daily market strategy updates, shared personal stories, my trades and performance at Surfview Capital, building Estimize, thoughts on social finance, tech, macro economics, politics, war, and many other subjects.

And now it’s time for this blog to evolve again. But this time it is less of a change in the type of content I share and more an evolution in how it’s structured.

I’m finding that the type of commentary I want to share these days and the value I can add falls somewhere between a tweet with a link and a full blown editorial. I honestly don’t have time to write the length and quality of posts on this blog that I would like to at the frequency I’d like to, that’s just life. And I feel like 5 tweets in a row on a topic is not the right way to be using Twitter. Twitter is a broadcast mechanism, it’s not that useful for nuanced commentary.

Josh Brown does a great job of falling somewhere in the middle on his blog, The Reformed Broker. He’s also built a huge following on his blog, over 70,000 pageviews a day utilizing this structure. And although the point of this blog has never been to amas pageviews, far from it, it always makes sense to understand how I can best have my voice heard by the people who might benefit from hearing it, or just as well, the people I would benefit from reaching.

So we’ll see how this goes.


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