Remember That Scene In Star Trek With Spock In The Classroom

Remember that scene in the new Star Trek where Spock is standing in that pod in the classroom answering questions posed by some kind of artificial intelligence computer? How many other technologies from Star Trek did we marvel at decades ago which have come to fruition?

They don’t always look exactly like we imagined, and sometimes, as with the iPhone, they even far surpass what we were able to dream up and put on the silver screen, after all, it has to seem at least remotely plausible.

The idea that every child will learn a range of disciplines at their own pace, take the path of their choice, or their strength, and be taught not by one teacher standing in front of a room of children but by the best teacher possible for that discipline is not science fiction, it’s here.

I have marveled at Sal Kahn and Khan Academy since its very early days. It’s not hard to see why Sal nailed what the future of education is going to look like. Much has been written about his non profit company, but I’ll continue to spread the word, because he deserves it. He knew that by going non profit he had a better chance to upend one of if not the most important industry on earth, education. He could have become unimaginably rich while aiming a little bit lower, but he didn’t, he wanted to change the paradigm, not just build a business, and for that unselfishness, he should be honored.

There’s a great long read on Kahn Academy in Forbes today, go read it.

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