Media: Talking Investment Management, Social Finance and Estimize with Zack Miller

A few weeks ago I had the chance to sit down with Zack Miller (@NewRulesInvest) to discuss my journey through the investment management world, my view on social finance, and our vision at Estimize. I want to thank Zack for being a great host and for what he is doing within the investment management community to inform on how social media is changing the finance world. You can find Zack’s blog here.

In our conversation, we discuss how I got started in the investment management world, why I formed Surfview Capital, what drove me to social finance and taking a position at StockTwits, and finally why I left to start Estimize. I also discuss with Zack exactly what Estimize is and why we believe it will be an important part of the social finance landscape when it’s released to the broader community in the coming months.

To be honest, I’m still perfecting my pitch when it comes to Estimize and definitely wasn’t as straight to the point as I would have liked to be. You can read a bit more about what Estimize is by visiting our CrunchBase page.

And finally, please click over to TradeStreaming and listen to the interview.

Stock Twits, Estimize, and the future of social investing – with Leigh Drogen by tradestreaming

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