Last Night Was Awesome

What a thrill it was last night to get up in front of 700 or so people and present Estimize. I’ve been going to New York Tech Meetup for several years, and just to be asked to present is an honor itself.

First, Jessica and Nate, the people behind the scenes who run NYTM are awesome. There’s never any pressure, everyone is totally relaxed, it’s just a great atmosphere.

There isn’t any kind of pitch competition type feeling, it’s really just like, “get up there and demo your product, we thought it was awesome and so will they, so relax and just talk about it.” And that’s what I love about NYTM, I wasn’t there to raise money from VCs, or get a ton of press by proving we’re disrupting some huge industry, I was there to just show off what we built, which is really cool.

For most people to really understand why we built Estimize, you need a minute or two of introduction and background on the industry and the problem we’re solving for the market. Unfortunately in a three minute presentation that is supposed to be about the product, you can’t really get into more than 20 seconds of it, which limits the understanding of a good portion of the crowd when looking at the product itself. And that’s ok, we’re definitely a niche product for a niche industry, but it would have been great for a few more people in the crowd to understand the vision and not just how cool the charts and accuracy numbers are. I’d say 20-30% of the room walked away really understanding why Estimize exists and why it’s disrupting the current sell side estimate data set. Good enough for me.

Overall, it was a thrill to get up there with one of our developers, Jesse Youngmann who has totally earned the community’s recognition as a developer, raw out of college he’s been an invaluable part of our team. And thanks for Andrew Tider for hooking us up with the NYTM people, there are so many people at WeWork Labs who’ve helped us out with connections recently, it’s amazing.

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