I’m Done Being Sick of Being Sick

Along with being kryptonite to any electronic device known to man, and a quickly receding hairline in my mid 20’s, my other major genetic flaw is a horrible stomach. Oh you say it’s ridiculous to think that destroying electronic devices with just one touch is something genetic, that I am just a klutz who pushes his equipment too hard, well have you ever fried the hard drive of someone else’s computer by simply pushing the ON button? No, I didn’t think so. I have.

Regardless of the destructive electromagnetic field that my body obviously emits, my stomach has always been a nagging issue I’ve had to just deal with. And you know what, I’m done, it sucks, I hate it, I just can’t do it anymore. Technically I am not allergic to anything, or at least nothing I’ve come in contact with thus far. I can even handle crazy amounts of pollen before I feel a thing. But I can’t eat a god damn piece of toast in the morning without feeling sick.

The fact that I love food makes it all the worse. And on top of that, I have the smallest stomach in history, I have to sit for 2 hours just to finish a plate of pasta.

And the worst part is that I have to constantly worry about feeling sick, in the middle of meetings, on the subway to work, playing sports. My stomach doesn’t give a damn, it just hates me. It takes my mind off more important things, and stresses me out, it’s a constant distraction, and it’s embarrassing at times.

Until now I’ve just dealt with it, ate what I wanted, and suffered the consequences. But I’m done.

For a while I’ve weighed the other options in my mind against the issues I have to deal with. What kind of effort would I have to put in, what would I have to give up in order to feel healthy and get rid of that distraction? I felt like it was too burdensome to take the time and effort to make a big change.

But it’s just not adding up anymore, I’m done.

I want to approach this process in the most intelligent way possible. I want to figure out what’s making me sick. Is it certain food, is it eating at certain times of the day, is it the portions, is it mixing certain foods together, or does my body just not possess some critical bacteria or enzyme that I need. I’m going to do a juice cleanse to get everything out of my system and then test each of these assumptions the way that we test whether a new feature works on Estimize, in a data driven way. No assumption will be a given without testing it and looking at the data.

I wanted to share this because I’m also looking for feedback. Has anyone gone through this process? What works, what doesn’t? Is there a better way to go about it? I feel like nutritionists are smart but relatively useless these days for anyone with half a brain. Am I wrong? Are there medical tests I should be getting? I hate doctors, I feel like they try and rule out everything before they tell you what they really think is the issue.

I appreciate any insight.


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