Happy Thanksgiving

I’m not the gushy kind of person who writes a long thank you post this time of year, nothing wrong with that obviously, it’s just not me.  I will say this though.

When I think of Thanksgiving I always think first of what this planet provides us on a daily basis.  Most of us live day to day completely divorced from the natural world, we drive cars, take trains, eat processed food, drink bottled water, work out in a gym.  It’s easy to forget that our lives are still 100% dependent on this earth giving to us everything we need, even if we don’t see it directly in our daily lives.  And although we sit atop the food chain by way of natural selection, we are still not smart enough to survive the death of the natural world.  Maybe one day, but until then, we give thanks to all that nature provides us with, be it food, water, clean air, and just the simple pleasure of watching the waves crash on the beach, for me there’s nothing I’d rather be doing.

May you all have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving surrounded by the ones you love.

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