Estimize Premium and the Open Platform

We approached building the Estimize platform with the knowledge that we had one major issue, would the financial world find value and contribute without any data being present at inception. It’s the classic chicken and egg problem. By all measures Estimize has been a huge success thus far, overcoming that initial hurdle, and we have the community to thank for that.

Estimize has been recognized as the whisper number of record by several different financial sites, we’ve been profiled in major financial publications, and have gained endorsements from many of the most respected members of the social finance community.

The buy side is also paying major attention already, as quant desks from several major hedge funds have asked for access to the Estimize data set on a non latent basis to use in their models. This has taken place several months before we had expected, speaking to the value of data being produced.

I’d like to share a few statistics from the platform so far. We now have 2,800 registered community members, over 1,350 estimates made by over 350 community members. Every major investment bank and over 180 large buy side firms are on the platform consuming data on a regular basis.

But we’re just getting started, the platform has only been open to the public for a month and a half, and until now required a sign up. Today, we’ve opened up the platform in order that you’re able to browse through any page without signing up. You’re now free to link to your profile pagesaccuracy tab, any stock page (AAPL), and the calendar. You will still need a log in to make estimates and follow your favorite community members and stocks in the tracked tab of your dashboard.

We’re also in the process of building Estimize Premium, a set of features which will greatly enhance the power of data and analysis shared on the platform. In a number of weeks,  visitors to the platform will be given the option to contribute a certain amount of data and analysis on a monthly basis, or pay for the right to view data produced by everyone else. We believe strongly that this will both increase the value of contributing to the community through access to new features, and provide everyone with a richer data set. Unlike the current Wall Street estimate data set, we believe data and analysis produced by this community should always be open to those who participate in it.

We want to say thank you to those community members who have contributed data to the platform at such an early stage, so we will be grandfathering in those who have made more than 10 estimates. We’ll also be grandfathering in those who reach that threshold within the next few weeks during this earnings season.

Beyond that, we’re looking forward to being able to grow our development team so that we can provide the community with a richer experience and more tools. If you weren’t aware, we’re a team of 3 right now including myself (and god knows I can’t code), pretty amazing.

Look soon as well for the addition of new assets including recent high profile IPOs and economic releases, along with continued improvement in how the site operates in general.

And thank you again for sharing our vision with us in creating an open platform of fundamental estimate data and analysis more representative of what the market actually expects.


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