Estimize Notifications Via Twitter

About 50% of the Estimize community signs up with their Twitter account. We’re not surprised as Estimize was created in part to give the Twitter/StockTwits community a more natural way to share fundamental analysis.

Sharing information from Estimize to Twitter/StockTwits/LinkedIn/Etc has always been a key aspect of what we’re trying to build. Yes, Estimize does have its own “community”, but it was never meant to be a place people hung out on all day. It is a content creation platform, and niche information tool. Estimates made on Estimize are meant to be shared to Twitter, we made it dead simple.

As well, the core of our community, its DNA so to speak, comes from social finance, the first adopters of open sourced financial analysis, information, commentary and ideas.

This was a very meaningful choice we made at the outset, it didn’t happen by mistake. We could have easily done a SumZero model by opening the site to only verified buy side analysts who weren’t looking to share with anyone but a small group of themselves. But we chose this DNA for the community, because my philosophy has always been about open sourced information, the democratization of ideas, pseudonymity, and transparency, and no those last two are definitely not at odds with each other.

There is a senior analyst, trader, or portfolio manager from every major bank, asset management firm, and hedge fund on the platform now, and as time goes by they will become a more and more important part of the community. But social finance will always be our DNA.

Twitter and StockTwits are the communication tools of the social finance world. They have revolutionized the way we share information, they are the new telephone.

So when we thought about how to start bubbling up the amazing intelligence coming from the community, and giving its members more feedback on their own participation, we naturally looked to Twitter first.

I could be wrong, but I haven’t yet seen any great examples of third party platforms using Twitter as a tool to automatically message its users. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Twitter is our real time communication and notification platform. Email is a to-do list, and although it’s real time, it’s really not when you think about how most people use it. I’m really excited for some of the awesome stuff we’re going to be doing utilizing Twitter as a way to share more amazing info.

Today we’re launching the first in a set of different notifications. The Twitter handle @EstimizeNotify will tweet an @ reply directly to you when an earnings release that you have estimated on closes.

The message displays your score and your rank for that specific release. The link goes to a page displaying more information about the release and how you scored against the rest of the community and Wall Street.

Two other messages we’ll be adding soon include: a notification for when an asset you follow or have estimated on in the past is reporting soon, and a notification for when a community member you follow makes an estimate with a large delta to the consensus.

As we go forward Twitter will play a large role in the Estimize platform. I’m excited to see other third party platforms attempt this as well.

Head over to Estimize and sign up with your Twitter account to start sharing estimates.

Full Disclosure: Nothing on this site should ever be considered to be advice, research or an invitation to buy or sell any securities, please see the Disclaimer page for a full disclaimer.

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