Best Of

Over the past few years I’ve greatly enjoyed writing this blog, sharing my thoughts, and conversing with readers.  Below you will find what I believe are the most timeless and important posts I’ve written here.  As always, thank you for reading.

If Software Eats The World, You Better Be The Hand That Feeds It 8/24/11

The Social Capital Scoring System 8/13/11

The Mispricing of Disruption Risk 7/28/11

Why The Yahoo/Alipay Debacle Is a Great Learning Experience For Traders 5/16/11

The One Thing Wall Street Analysts Are Scared Of Most 4/25/11

How Investment Advisors Should Be Using Social Media 2/17/11

Facebook Is Worth 100 Billion Dollars 2/15/11

The Lion and the Gazelle 2/5/11

Social Capital and Collaborative Consumption 1/13/11

It’s Not About the Stock, It’s About the Story 12/8/10

Putting Investment Management On Hold… For Now 11/27/10

On The Inequality of Wealth 11/20/10

The Market Doesn’t Care, Until It Cares 11/14/10

The Hedge Fund Structure Is Dead 11/1/10

The Problem With Government Is… 10/19/10

My Stream’s Collective Voice 10/15/10

How I Use RSI 10/9/10′

Using Mini Baskets to Play Themes 9/28/10

Establishing Partial Positions 9/27/10

On Transparency 9/18/10

SPX Gives Trend Buy Signal 9/17/10

Blood, Treasure, and Honor 6/14/10

On Technical Analysis 6/9/10

Caveat Emptor 4/17/10

The Human Equity Fund 4/2/10

Intraday Position Management 3/30/10

A Lesson In Momentum Trading 3/27/10

Pattern recognition 3/17/10

Stop Crying Over Your Worthless Content 2/11/10

Position Sizing Is Everything 1/18/10

Mom’s Beef Stew 1/2/10