A Paradigm Shift In Education Is Needed

With the boom and bust cycle of industries only accelerating as technology disrupts everything in its path, the most important thing you can learn is how to learn, over and over again. Our current education system is born out of the need to learn certain skills, it isn’t meant to teach you how to teach yourself new things.

I was one of these kids that they tried to medicate with Aderol. They did it right at the beginning of tennis season my sophomore year of high school. They gave me way too high a dose and I didn’t eat or sleep for 2 days. Then I went out and played our first match in 100 degree heat and almost died.

Eventually they found the right dose that didn’t almost kill me but I still wasn’t able to eat much, I lost weight, and eventually I just stopped taking it, the side effects just suck.

I’ve always been a horrible academic (but got good grades), mostly because I was smart enough to bullshit my way through school. I am towards the end of the curve where you start getting into aspergers, I can sit down and concentrate on something for 15 straight hours, if I’m engaged, but I have a hard time not sticking a pen in someone’s back standing on a grocery line if they are fumbling around for a credit card. I certainly was not meant to sit in front of a teacher and learn at the pace they could feed me info, that’s for damn sure.

Brad Feld posted this amazing video yesterday, I implore you to watch it, there are many truths in here. This really highlights why I will be homeschooling my kids one day unless there is a paradigm shif in the way we do public and even most private education.


Read Brad’s full post here.

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